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Eros: olympus has fallen crazy

Did not Lucifer as well as the Rebel Angels drop from Paradise, the supposed Heaven where lives God as well as those Angels that did not betray? It does not look like dropping is such a good idea.You would certainly not wish to diminish of a ladder, from a high structure, or from a plane without a parachute, would certainly you? We are informed to pertain to Rest and also Love as states that we drop right.

Olympus Has Fallen Crazy With Eros: get more exciting things and tips from Eros TabooIn the Folklore of the Greeks, Eros is the God of Love. A resting globe drugged right into the Hypnotic Rest of the Blue Tablet.

The Resting Titan
We are like titans. Should not a rock from the skies be the death of us all?

When David sling-shot a rock right into the head of Goliath, the titan did rest. As well as in reality, the papa of Rest is Fatality.

How is this like Love? Why should Fatality as well as Love be partnered in such a refined dancing?

Do you discover love when you rest? I assume not.

Do you discover love when you desire? I guarantee you this is feasible, for I have loved lots of an Angel in my Desires. Desires are the start of the Awakening, while Rest is the comforting clutches of the subconscious world nearing Fatality.

Shall we discover Love when we pass away?

Do we pass away when we Love?

What link exists crazy as well as Rest and also Fatality?

We "drop" asleep since we need to do so for our healthiness. Some could refute this, yet I firmly insist that our healthiness additionally depends upon us "dropping" crazy. As well as the gigantic Goliath did drop, a magnificent loss unto his death of fatality.

If we drop right into Rest, the hold of Hypnos and also right into Love, the welcome of Eros; after that do we also drop from Heaven? It claimed that the wage of transgression is Fatality.

Are Love as well as Rest transgressions? Without rest or love, we could pass away. Dropping asleep; dropping in love; dropping from Paradise.

Mightier Compared To The Sword

Can these states also be contrasted? Or do you locate me a fool for blending Same what you might think to be an irrelevant etymological procedure?
Rhymes are composed and also attract numerous hearts to drop in love. Kings, Head of states and also Generals command with the word and also wage battles that trigger brothers, siblings as well as countries to Autumn right into the Video Game of Fatality.

Because we cast spells when we do lead to out the words that compose the tales of our lives. Are we authorizing arrangements of Tranquility with Pens; or authorizing affirmations of battle with Swords?

Satisfaction Precedes

Love? Is not the God of the well-known faiths of Abraham a God of Love? And also I would undoubtedly comply with the Adversary in descent, and also drop right into the pit if my selection was "Paradise or Love?"

The Larger They Are

I will certainly like till my Heart expands as well as Red Changes past the World. I will Love up until there is nothing left other than for Love; as well as God of the program.

Do I also actually understand just what Love is? Is Love not something to be honored? I do not want for anything else other than for Love.

And also not just will the Hearts of Lovers expand, yet the ones that genuinely like will additionally end up being Giants. As well as of training course, the more difficult they will Loss in Love.

Stir Up The Resting Titan

The error is to classify Love as something to drop in right. There is no dropping when there is real Love. It does not matter if it is Love for God; Love for our fellow countries; Love for siblings as well as siblings, or the Love of Love.

Love is located in Desires however not in Rest. Love discovered when we mix with the winds. Love is the Titan.